I learned what real love is

Valentyna has not had an easy life, and now the horrors of war are added.

Attention and Care

Valentyna, a widow for over 30 years, lives on her own in Western Ukraine. Her only son, also disabled, lives far away. Some time ago, Valentyna was diagnosed and received treatment for cancer. Shortly afterward, she developed problems with her back and knees, which left her disabled. She can no longer walk and needs someone to help her in her wheelchair. "I thought I'd become used to loneliness a long time ago, but I didn't know what true loneliness was until I became disabled," Valentyna shared.

Even though becoming disabled is, in her own words, the worst thing that has ever happened to her, it also brought her something very beautiful. When she became wheelchair dependant, Volodymyr and Tamara, two of our local staff in Ukraine – started visiting Valentyna five days a week despite the possible danger of the ongoing war. 

The attention and care they brought to Valentyna made a tremendous difference. Valentyna shares, "I learned what real love and God's blessing is." With humor and loving care, they support Valentyna. They try to cheer her up and let her have some fun too, joking that they were looking for a new husband for her. They do everything they can to lift Valentyna's spirit and bring her joy and encouragement.

I feel blessed to have other people's compassion and support.


Valentyna also receives a tasty, hot meal from our Soup Kitchen in Sarny daily. Tamara helps her bathe and takes care of her daily hygiene. Valentyna says she cannot express in words how grateful she is for the help she is receiving. Thanks to Volodymyr, Tamara, and the other volunteers, she finds courage and peace every day, and even a little joy.

In times of war, vulnerable people, such as Valentyna, desperately need your help. You can help us reach more vulnerable people like Valentyna to experience the love and care of Christian community. 



Give hope and dignity.