"First, at 11 pm, three shots were fired, and we started running to the basement,"

We at Mission Without Borders, are deeply grieved at the news that Russia has begun a large-scale military attack on Ukraine. Our hearts go out in prayer for our friends and colleagues in Ukraine and for the sponsored families and children we work with, the elderly people we support, and the churches we partner with. We pray for each and every person in Ukraine today, all known and loved by God, that they would know God’s protection, provision, and salvation at this time.

Mission Without Borders is responding directly to the need in Ukraine as political and military tensions are boiling over, creating fear and uncertainty among those living in and close to the conflict.With thousands of Russian troops taking over areas of Ukraine, the war is real and driving families into seclusion or refugee camps, as they seek safety from the conflict. Since Russia has declared it will recognize rebel-controlled areas of Eastern Ukraine as Russian territory, families trapped in the area do not know what is coming next and fear the worst. Fighting has already erupted, forcing families to hide in basements and find shelter for children even further away from the violence.

 On February 21 at 4:00 am, the Nadiya Christian Center was hit by shelling. This is one of the locations where MWB held summer camps for children last year. The Nadiya Christian Center is located in the village of Halytsynivka (Memryk), located in the territory controlled by Ukraine, 40 kilometers from Donetsk.  During the shelling, six windows were damaged, the fragment hit the front door and the door to the dining room. "First, at 11 pm, three shots were fired, and we started running to the basement," eyewitnesses reported. "We sat in the basement all night, singing, and praying together. Today, we will send the children to friends and cover the windows. That night we were again convinced that the Lord had saved us. We believe in Him; He is with us, and He protects us. Let's cover the basement with sand, because tonight they promise something terrible, because they warned us to prepare and sit in the basement. 

Mission Without Borders is responding in Ukraine with staff providing emergency care packages. to families and individuals who may be cut off from accessing basic needs as they seek safety. Staff are working with local churches in the area to identify those that need assistance the most.

As you know this is a constantly changing situation. Things have now moved farther beyond Eastern Ukraine. We will do our best to keep you updated on our work and those we serve in Ukraine. 


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