Blessed by a sewing course

A teenager's inspiring journey in Ukraine

"Amidst the hardships of war and poverty in Ukraine, one teenager's life has been profoundly changed by a vocational sewing course offered by Mission Without Borders (MWB)."

In the midst of ongoing war and poverty in Ukraine, Mission Without Borders (MWB) continues its support for struggling families, children, and the elderly. One of their initiatives, the Sarny Vocational Centre, equips teens and young adults with vital workplace skills, leading many students to secure promising job opportunities upon completion.

Meet Rosyna, a 17-year-old residing in rural western Ukraine, where poverty has been a constant battle for her large family of eight siblings. Her life took a challenging turn at the age of 12 when she was struck by the illness dermatomyositis, which severely affected her mobility and strength. Her two brothers also face health struggles with hemophilia.

Despite enduring difficult times, Rosyna's parents never lost hope and provided unwavering support. Their lives have been touched by MWB's assistance for many years, and they found comfort in the prayers and care offered by the organization's staff, including the coordinator, Sergiy.

Rosyna's health journey was filled with setbacks, including a misdiagnosis, but thanks to her strong faith and proper medical attention, her condition gradually improved. She experienced immense joy and gratitude as she regained her ability to walk and carry out daily tasks.

Having participated in MWB's children's camps as a volunteer, Rosyna decided to enroll in the vocational sewing course offered by Mission Without Borders at the Sarny Vocational Centre. Despite doubts, she found encouragement from Sergiy and discovered a passion for sewing through practical learning experiences.

Living in the centre's dormitory was a tremendous blessing for Rosyna, as she could not travel daily from her village due to limited mobility. The warmth and care she received from the staff brought tears of joy to her eyes. The course provided her with hands-on experience, allowing her to develop her sewing skills.

Rosyna's excitement soared when she learned that, upon graduation, MWB would gift her a sewing machine. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the kindness shown to her.

Sergiy praised Rosyna's family for their resilience and thanked MWB for supporting them during their darkest moments. Despite enduring hardships, Rosyna's parents remained grateful for the emotional, spiritual, and material assistance they received.

Rosyna in Class

Rosyna and family

Ukrainian women learning new skills in training classes


Rosyna's journey has taught her profound lessons of compassion and gratitude, as she understands the value of support and care for those who suffer. She appreciates the blessings she has received, and her faith has grown stronger through life's difficulties.

Rosyna extends her heartfelt blessings and thanks to the sponsors of Mission Without Borders for their crucial help.

In summary, Rosyna's inspiring journey showcases the transformative impact of MWB's vocational courses and support in Ukraine, offering hope and empowerment to young individuals in challenging circumstances.

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Learning how to sew in Ukraine

Rosyna working on her sewing skills in class




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