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ELDER CARE - It's never too late

Loneliness for the elderly in Eastern Europe is not an isolated occurrence, but a social phenomenon.  There are many reasons for this. Eastern European society is progressively aging.  Their social care and health systems have collapsed around them and the number of young people leaving to work abroad is constantly on the increase. Senior citizens therefore live very lonely and helpless lives, without hope.

No matter the age of our beneficiaries, we can still change their world today.Your support for our various Elder Care programs is vital for their continued operation. No gift is too small. What can YOU do?

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Latest News

Becoming positive members of society / 7/20/2017

"Hard work is the best educator", an old lady said who passed by a group of boys and girls clearing up the local park in Krupnik, Bulgaria...

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New Coordinator in Albania / 5/2/2017

Last month our Albanian team welcomed a new Family to Family coordinator in to the fold. Nikolino K.will be supporting families in the city of Durres, especially in the tough ex-swamp community...

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