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Street Mercy

Right now the exceptional cold of this year's winter threatens the lives of the homeless.

The cruel reality is that without intervention, many  across Eastern Europe will not live to see this year's Spring. But we want to throw a lifeline of hope to help as many as we can, especially in Sofia, Chi┼činau (Moldova) and Craiova (Romania). Read Vlada's Story

Would you be a life-saver and make a gift to help us? Thank you so much!


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Bosnia-Herzegovina Landmines / 9/1/2016

Landmines are continuing to cause devastation in Bosnia-Herzegovina despite the conflict ending more than sixteen years ago. According to the Bosnia-Herzegovina Mine Action Center, mines and unexploded bombs have killed or injured more than 8,293 people in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1992...

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Human Trafficking / 8/4/2016

we had the privilege to welcome Mrs. Monica Boseff, missionary and activist against human trafficking and founder of The Open Door Foundation. Their Mission Statement is: to give full assistance and protected shelter in emergency situations to victims of human trafficking, exploited through forc...

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