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In the last month the Ukraine has become a real international crisis.

While this is news-worthy, our Ukrainian staff reminds us that world-class turmoil always boils down to "real" people and families.

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Seeds of Hope / 3/4/2014
The first phase of our annual campaign, the Seeds of Hope project for 2014, has now been finished. Seeds have been ordered for the area where early sowing is possible. The communities of Mostar and Capljina were the first ones that will benefit from the distributions of these seeds. One Seeds...
Christmas Story brought to Transnistria / 2/26/2014
Transnistria is a part of Moldova, but it was declared self-governing after the war in 1992 under some external influences. This is a painful problem of Moldova integrity. After many years of prayers, God opened a small door to Transnistria. On the 17th of January, MWB's Christian Input Team h...