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Getinvolvedtitle Fundraising Ideas

Want to fundraise but not sure where to start?

Your fundraising is important to our work. It can provide school supplies, clubs for the disabled, agricultural equipment, and much more. We've put together a list of ideas to get you started but get in touch if you'd like to discuss your fundraising thoughts with us!

  • Cake sale - Find hundreds of recipes on the Joy of Baking website.
  • Car wash - You only need a sign, buckets, sponges and water.
  • Host a dinner party - You could organize a dinner party for MWB and ask your friends to consider Sponsoring a Child.
  • Ebay your clutter - Sell your old books/clothes/DVDs for MWB. It's a great way to have a garage sale, and help the MWB ministry in the process!
  • Do a sponsored run/walk/knit/cycle/swim/fast/head shave/bungee jump/give up/baked bean bath... anything you like. The only limitation is your own imagination!
  • Run a bazaar - You could hold it in your church. Sell food and gifts, have games, offer facepainting and talent competitions, as well as give out information about MWB.
  • Auction of promises - Auction off your 'services', such as cleaning, cooking, tutoring, wrapping gifts, to the highest bidder.
  • Events - Hold a tea dance, costume party, coffee morning, brunch or ball.
  • Seasonal fundraising - Easter egg hunts, carol singing, or pumpkin pie sales.... are all possible seasonal fundraising events.
  • Odd jobs - Babysitting, cleaning, mowing the lawn, shopping, decorating.
  • Litter pick-up - Ask people to sponsor you for each bag of litter you collect in your local park or area. It's a great way to help your community whilst supporting MWB.
  • Name the teddy - Make a list of names including the correct one and charge people to choose a name. The person who picks the correct name wins the bear!
  • Sports contests - Egg and spoon race, football tournament, or hold a whole afternoon of events.  anything that draws a crowd can be used for fundraising... while having fun, too!